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This week we talk to Bethany Pappas, owner of CrossFit Loft in West Seattle. From creating handmade puzzles to hustling townys into her window washing biz at age 10, Bethany has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Finding CrossFit and subsequently opening Jet City CrossFit with her father, she eventually split off to open her own fitness business. With the support of her wife, Bethany takes us on the trials and tribulations with getting a small business off the ground and running a very successful fitness brand.

We travel the road of a micro-gym; going from CrossFit only six years ago to offering yoga, weightlifting, strongman, mobility, bootcamp, high intensity interval training. Expansion and constant construction. Upgrading, adding classes, variety of training and quality and quantity of coaches. What has stayed and makes it all possible is the positive culture within the community.

We get into CrossFit as a positive/negative brand. Where CrossFit is heading. What's going on this year as a competitive CrossFit athlete and competitor programs. Separation of CrossFit and The Games.

Escaping the restaurant business, we talk about our transition to working with "normal" people. Micro-relationships vs. personal investment. What's going on in todays restaurant.

We flow into education, the future, depression, entrepreneurship, relationships, adrenalin/work addiction, personality tests, family. Living for your children.

We go deep into insecurities, drinking as a coping mechanism, and being ok and accepting yourself. We examine sobriety, and what dependency is.

Finish with brining it back to what entrepreneurs should do going into a business venture. What to look out for. Not being afraid to seek advice. And finding financial mentorship.

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