#40 Chef Sebastian Carosi + Carla Asquith


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We are joined by chef, forager, grower, activist and entrepreneur Sebastian Carosi and Carla Asquith. We talk about the transition from professional cooking to consulting about cannabis to foraging and teaching. We explore the passion for the environment and utilizing what is around.

Sebastian relates Viagra to smoking marijuana, and why we consume marijuana the way we do. "Why kill yourself to heal yourself" We deep dive into terpenes, the entourage effect, psychoactive effects vs. flavor of marijuana, and the market.

We talk about the upcoming CannaCon. Sponsorship outreach. Cooking demos, led by Cat Cora. The future of cannabis within restaurants, current market places, and everyday utilizations.

We get into marijuana as a commodity, where the money is at, cbd as medicinal usage, total utilization of the plant.

Sebastian and Carla talk about going off grid, living off the land, acclimating to the environment, learning to identify plant life.

Dangers of vaping. How vape liquids are made. Cost over health. And healthy alternatives like FECO.

We chat about foraging, seasonality, inspiration, farmers market, hero chefs, Portland dining scene, our future endeavors, urgency, gardening, wealth disparity, and reintegrating back onto the grid.

Taking appreciation for what you have, being in tune with your body, and being in the woods and feeling whole.

This was a fun, informative talk with probably the most "real" people we've met. We'll see ya at Hempfest!

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