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Welcome back to the Bloody Good Film Podcast and this week we are talkin about the sci fi classic, Terminator! Wait no, we are actually talking about the action classic, Robocop! Wait no, this is a martial arts action film starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson? Sorry we got a little confused by what we were watching, but apparently this is the 1991 film, Future Kick!
Join us as we compare the "similarities" of this sci-fi martial arts film to a couple of the greatest films of all time. Listen as we try to follow along with the plot and prepare ourselves for the big surprise ending. Count with us, so we can see exactly how many times we can work Don "The Dragon" Wilson into one podcast.
Most importantly, Jesse "The Falcon" Morin and Josh "Metal Man" Entner will give you the answer to our weekly question...
Is Future Kick a bloody good film?
If you have seen the film, make sure to comment and let us know what you think. If you haven't already please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @bloodygoodfilmpodcast and remember...
Keep it bloody buddies!!!

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