Upgrade: Starring... Elon Musk?


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The Bloody Good Film Podcast is back and this episode we are taking a look ahead into the not so distant future as we discuss Leigh Whannell's 2018 film, Upgrade.
Join us as we break down the film, give our own interpretations on some key plot points, and for some reason have a philosophical discussion on what true happiness is.
We cover the action sequences, go over the horror elements, and even find time to appreciate some dark comedy. Most importantly we give you the answer to our weekly question...
Is Upgrade a bloody good film?
If you have seen the film, make sure to comment and let us know what you think. If you haven't already please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @bloodygoodfilmpodcast and remember...
Keep it bloody buddies!!!
Disclaimer: This episode may have some lag and voice issues as we are recording remotely due to COVID-19. Please be advised that in an effort to put forth the best podcast possible we have addressed the issue and look forward to having all these problems fixed by Episode 4.

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