Will You Be... "Mine" : My Bloody Valentine


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Love is in the air this week and for this episode we have decided to celebrate Valentine's Day like only the Bloody Good Film Podcast can. We are giving you heart shaped boxes that have actual hearts in them! We ask you to be "mine" while wearing a miner's suit and trying to murder you with a pickaxe! Finally we take you on a trip to the capital of love, the little city with big heart, Valentine Bluffs!
Join us this week as we discuss the 1981 slasher classic, My Bloody Valentine and compare it to the 2009 remake, My Bloody Valentine 3D!
Listen as we compare and contrast both films. Help us honor and remember the greatest mustache in horror history. Weigh in as we discuss whether or not 3D works in horror, or if it is just a wasted gimmick.
Most importantly we ask Josh if he would recommend taking a date to see these films, and we give you the answer to our weekly question...
Are My Bloody Valentine and My Bloody Valentine 3D bloody good films?
If you have seen the films make sure to comment and let us know what you think. If you haven't already please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @bloodygoodfilmpodcast and remember...
Keep it bloody buddies!!!

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