76: Hydroponic Gardening 101


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Very excited to welcome Rob from Farm.One to the podcast today for a conversation about beginners Hydroponics. Rob is doing Hydroponic Gardening at an incredibly high level at Farm.One- a hydroponic, vertical farm that grows rare and exotic produce indoors, year-round, pesticide- free in a basement in NYC. I met Rob last year when I was fortunate enough to tour Farm.One and was blown away by the concept of the business and the set up. I think a lot of us are very curious about hydroponic gardening, and experimenting with growing edibles indoors- and as winter is approaching… we might be interested in having an indoor gardening project to ward off the winter blues!

In this episode we learn:
  • How and why Rob created Farm.One
  • What is Hydroponic Gardening
  • Hydroponic Vs Aquaponic Vs Semi Hydro Gardening
  • What a basic hydroponic set up looks like for a DIY plant parent
  • Existing systems that one can buy to just plug and grow
  • Materials needed for a basic hydroponic set up
  • Why you need a “bubbler” for your hydro set up
  • Nutrients- what is important and what isn’t
  • Why EC and PH are important for your water supply (and what they are)
  • How to test your water
  • Pre-made Hydroponic Set Ups you can buy

Mentioned in today's episode

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