Episode 73: Indoor Plant Appreciation & the Amazon Rainforest


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Plant friends this is an excited episode for two reasons, #1 we hear from you! This is a community episode in response to it being National Indoor Plant Appreication week and I asked you to call in with a story of you and your plants. We have tales of plant wins, plant heirlooms, crazy plant person moments and even some fails. We we learn from every one of you today, and that fills my heart. What I am more excited is that we are taking plant appreciation to the next level, by diving into what is happening in the Amazon rainforest, and how we can help. Plant friends, these plants that we know and love are mostly all tropical plants, growing in the Amazon. The amazon is home to so many species that are all currentlythreatened by the intentional burning of the rainforests. As plant parents, if we are going to love these plants, we need to respect where they come from, and hopefully participate in the protection of their natural habitats. At the end of the episode I give a brief an overview of what is going on, and we share resources provided by our community which we can educate ourselves and learn about organizations that are fighting the deforestation efforts.

In this episode we:
  • Hear stories of plant appreciation from various members of our community
  • Learn about the Amazon Rainforest Fires
  • Learn how we can help from resources supplied by our community

Thank you to our listeners who called in and shared their stories! Thank you Mara Zobrist, Catherine Taylor (@plantycatt) , Anissa Nicole, Erika Boyd (@stellas.garden), Maria Brusco (@lemontreesbymariuzza), Katherine Dedine, Veronica Saldana, Katherine H., Lat Jones and Gregory (@plantingability)!

Click here to read my blog with all of the resources on the Amazon mentioned in today's episode Use #rainforestplantparent to continue the conversation about the Amazon! Thank you to our two amazing episode sponsors: Espoma Organics and Floating Bed and Breakfast. For responsibly made, unbelievable indoor and outdoor organic soils, fertilizers, pest control sprays and more visit espoma.com to find your local dealer or check out my amazon storefront of my favorite Espoma products here. For the plantiest airbnb experience of your life in the Norfolk, VA area, visit theloiselaine.com and message Nicole for 20% off by telling her Maria sent you! Follow Maria and Bloom and Grow Radio:

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