Changing How You Consume Your CBD


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Changing how you consume your CBD with Aaron Morris and Chris Joseph Co-Founders of Wild Roots Spirits. Our next guests founded a unique company, based in Portland, Ore., that's changing how you consume your vodka and now your CBD, too. While similarly, Wild Roots focuses on creating premium, natural, handcrafted spirits that are unique to the Pacific Northwest but can be enjoyed anywhere. Forbes recognized WYLD CBD as having some of the best CBD Gummies in the Market today. They heralded by saying: “As exclusively a CBD gummies company, Wyld CBD has a great lineup of premium options, including lemon, blueberry, huckleberry, and raspberry, which are all blended and infused with real fruits. As a broad-spectrum extract, these vegan treats are a darling of the list and one that is worth every penny.”

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