Kyrie Is Back + Nets' 'Big 3' & Is Joel Embiid On Pace For MVP?


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Kyrie Irving is back to complete Brooklyn's new 'Big 3' but what does this mean for the Eastern Conference, including the Celtics?

Also, Joel Embiid is having an early MVP-like season; are the Sixers a legitimate favorite to win the East?

0:49: Is Bob excited that Kyrie Irving is back? 2:48: Is Kyrie searching for something in life but doesn't know what it is? 3:32: What bothers Goodman most about Kyrie 7:02: Can this Nets 'Big 3' defend at a championship level? 10:58: What do the new Nets mean for the Celtics? 13:24: Does Brooklyn's 'Big 3' respect head coach Steve Nash?15:13: Is Joel Embiid on his way to an MVP? 18:00: Joel Embiid & Marcus Smart postgame trash talking 21:36: LaMelo Ball's rookie season off to a good start 23:49: Gordon Hayward playing well but is anyone even noticing?27:18: The Kentucky Wildcats in NCAA Men's Basketball 36:22: An astonishing Men's NCAA stat from Bob

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