Kara Lowentheil shares her feminist blueprint for creating a life you love


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On today's podcast I'm talking to Kara Lowentheil, Master Certified Coach and creator of Unf*ck Your Brain. Here's what we'll talk about:

  • Why affirmations and positive thinking just don't work for us most of the time (and how we can change that)
  • How we can get control of our emotions and avoid "getting run over by the feelings bus"
  • Changing our mindset around self-care and asking for what we need
  • The 4 mindf*cks of patriarchy
  • Feeling worthy without seeking external validation
  • Kara's Unf*ck Your Brain program: a feminist blueprint for creating confidence
About Kara

Kara Loewentheil has a B.A. from Yale and a J.D. from Harvard Law School and graduated both schools with honors. In her legal career she clerked for a federal appeals court judge, litigated in state and federal court, held several academic appointments, and ran a think tank. Today she is a Master Certified Coach who works with high-achieving feminist women who believe in empowerment, but don’t always feel empowered. Her cognitive-based tools and strategies help women learn how to literally rewire their brains to overcome social conditioning and insecurity. Or in other words, she teaches them how to unf*ck their brains so that they can create the confidence they need and the lives they want.

Find Kara online: Unf*ck Your Brain | Free Guide | Facebook

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