A Snag In The Fabric of "Social Constructs"


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Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM - Uninterruptible Talk Radio with Hesher, Spore & Jay Dyer.
This episode finds the ACR Braintrust covering the recent story of a Miami Police Captain who began "identifying" as a black man and was suspended from his job, the Twitter threads the gang examines on the topic are indicative of the general public getting disillusioned with 'this-and-thats' becoming "social constructs." The gang also exposes CNN pushing ponzi-scheme style informercials masquerading as news in the social justice and race relations realm to, get this, help a Japanese company sell MSG laden products (insert *facepalm* emoji here). We also take a quick update on the VA 2a rallies happening and some this week in tech gone wrong segments to round it out... Enjoy the show!

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