Silencing Dissent, Who Benefits? - Corona Virus - Bezos Hacked & More


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Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM - Uninterruptible Talk Radio with Hesher, Spore and the Social Rejects Club.
Hesher and Spore are joined by Daniel Spaulding and Infidel Pharaoh for this edition of BOILER ROOM where the gang takes a look at the weeks media feeds, the latest outrages, psyops and misdirections. We kick off wondering what the big deal is with feeding (aka spanking) the monkey using bananas and why the NY Post cares so much about it. Then the gang takes a serious look at Presidential hopeful, Elizabeth Warren, and her proposal to impose legal ramifications for "sharing disinformation." This leads to an examination of various ways in which political dissent is being silenced around the world. Jeff Bezos's cell phone was hacked and the mass media cartels say it was MBS from Saudi Arabia who's responsible, how do they know and should we trust them... and maybe why should we care? Corona Virus is the newest fear porn, what does the ACR Brain-trust think of the latest outbreak, is it fear porn, a real outbreak, an opportunity for the medical complex, these are the questions. All this and more... on this episode of BOILER ROOM!

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