Brett Favre weighs in on Aaron Rodgers future in Green Bay, his relationship with Aaron, and the futures of Tim Tebow and Trevor Lawrence on Bolling with Favre


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We open the show this week with the drama from Green Bay surrounding Aaron Rodgers, so of course we have to get Brett Favre's opinion on the situation, and he feels this goes back to the previous year's draft. Brett also speaks to his "strained" relationship with Aaron over the years, and how they've grown closer and talked more over the years, but understands that the Packers know more about the quality of player and teammate that Aaron really is. Plus Eric and Brett break down their new NFT adventures, and Brett even talks about some of the exclusive items he has on deck including an autographed Bart Starr photo that he had made. Brett and Eric start the show this week by breaking down Tim Tebow's hope to play in Jacksonville, including how tough it is to switch positions in the NFL and how he will face defenses in the NFL. Plus we get the Hall of Famer's take on the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, as Trevor Lawrence hopes to start in Jacksonville and what he will need to do to be successful as a rookie.

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