Darius Rucker joins Bolling and Favre to talk about his start in music, his transition to country music as a black artist and performs "Let Her Cry" on Bolling with Favre


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We open the show with Darius Rucker - a good friend of Brett Favre's - and discuss everything from his start in music, to his transition to country music as a black artist, and how his career has found a way to persevere through such a tough change. We also get Darius's take on the Grammys, his musical influences, and his recent award as Southerner of the Year from Southern Living. And an amazing quick acoustic performance of "Let Her Cry" which blows everyone away! We also get Brett Favre's thoughts on Drew Brees retiring, which came as a surprise to Brett, and Tom Brady's wild new deal in Tampa. Email the show BollingWithFavre@gmail.com and get involved! The best and most creative Apple review will also be in the running for an AUTOGRAPHED #4 BRETT FAVRE JERSEY!

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