Eric Bolling and Brett Favre break down the Ted Cruz fiasco, whether they'd go to Mars, and how Cam Newton handled his altercation with a young kid on Bolling with Favre


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Eric opens the show by breaking down the Ted Cruz fiasco for Brett, and they try to figure out what he did wrong and how he could have handled the situation better. The guys also talk about landing on Mars, and Brett Favre says there is NO WAY he's going to Mars if it were offered to him, no matter how safe it would be. Brett also offers up his take on the Cam Newton confrontation with a disrespectful youngster at a football camp, and that Cam handled it with class because Cam is a class act. Plus the secret to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman's success in the booth is drinking, and Brett and Eric talk about how they would take the edge off in nervous situations. And somehow a conversation breaks out about classic game show hosts, and a discussion about the fear of flying after a United Airlines engine burst into flames mid-flight. Email your comments and questions to!

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