Eric Bolling and Brett Favre talk about betting in the NFL, the issues with women's athletics and Eric's walk-off on the BBC on Bolling with Favre


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Brett Favre opens the show this week, when discussing our giveaway of an autographed Brett Favre jersey, about how and why he came to wear #4 when growing up his favorite number was 10. Plus Eric discusses the presence of sports gambling companies in today's game, and asks Brett if he ever paid attention to betting lines and fantasy numbers when he played in the NFL... and while Brett didn't, his family would hit him up all the time for information about their fantasy players! Eric also has some issues with trans athletes competing in women's sports, and Brett says he completely disagrees with that practice - both acknowledging the importance of trans rights, but feel it's a conflict in women's sports. Eric also breaks down his walk-off incident on the BBC, saying that he was ambushed and treated like a racist, and Brett agrees that some people have their mind made up about people before they ever even talk. And we punch around a ton of topics in "Buy or Sell", including athletes in politics (including Eric's strong words for Jesse Ventura), self driving cars, MMA, Julian Edelman and Brett knowing nothing about bowling. Subscribe to the show everywhere you get podcasts or email!

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