Eric Bolling and Brett Favre talk about Packers drama with Aaron Rodgers, Tim Tebow's hopes in Jacksonville, and the US gas panic on Bolling with Favre


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We open the show this week by getting Brett Favre's take on the latest Aaron Rodgers drama in Green Bay, and Brett says he can't believe the chaos is happening again in Green Bay. He even goes on to parallel Aaron's situation with his own in Green Bay, saying they were both about the same age when this stuff popped up. And of course we talk about Tim Tebow, and Brett takes the time to remind us all that just because the Jaguars sign Tebow it doesn't mean he's made the team. Plus Eric and Brett joke about the Kentucky Derby steroid drama, the Colonial Pipeline hack and subsequent gas panic. Reach out to the show at - and keep an eye out for Luke Bryan later this week!

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