Eric Bolling and Brett Favre talk impeachment, more on Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt, and how tough the Vegan challenge really is on Bolling with Favre


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We open the show this week with Eric and Brett talking about Trump's second impeachment and how wild the trial was as it played out on TV. Brett also talks briefly about the tragedy surrounding the death of former NFL wide receiver Vincent Jackson. And in the NFL, we address JJ Watt's departure from Houston and how Deshaun Watson's future will be shaped by these types of departures... but JJ and Deshaun are on very different ground in their careers. Brett also takes up for Tom Brady's drunken antics at the parade, and talks about Tom tossing the trophy around on the water... saying he's not sure it's even the actual trophy. Pluss Brett's Vegan challenge, lots of pop culture toss-up questions, and our Celebrity Showdown roster of boxing matches we'd love to see. Email your best stuff to!

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