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Addictions and Other Vices Podcast 146 - Pisces
On this podcast a salute to all the people born a Pisces and to people who just like a good sea shanty.
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The last sign of the Zodiac, the Pisces symbol has been said to be a representation of the difficulty in extracting the good from that which appears bad.[59] The moral of the symbol for Pisces is said to be that "the severe season has passed; though your flocks, as yet, do not yield their store, the ocean and rivers are open to you, their inhabitants are placed within your power."[c][11][12][13] It is generally considered a feminine sign,[60][61][62] and colors that have been used to represent the Pisces sign are gray[3] or blue gray.[63] The body parts associated with Pisces are the feet,[50][52][64][65] or the toes.[66][67] Likewise, astrologists also associate various diseases of the body with the zodiac, and Pisces' diseases are those of the feet.[68][43] This includes gout,[69] lameness, distempers, and sores.[68] Excess of eating and drinking, as well as poisoning related to the consumption of fish and medicines are also shown in Pisces.[69]
Pisces is classified as a short ascension sign;[70] one which takes a shorter amount of time to ascend over the horizon than the other signs.[71] It is also one of the six southern signs,[54] because it is south of the celestial equator when the sun is in it. This results in it being seen in the winter sky in the northern hemisphere.[72] Pisces is also considered a bicorporeal or double-bodied sign,[54] as the astrological sign is composed of two fishes.[73]
Part of the Anatomical Man by Limbourg brothers.
Western astrologers assert that Pisceans are perceptive, emotional,[45][74] and receptive.[75][75] Notorious for being highly sensitive,[76][66][77] they are also said to be desperately afraid of ridicule,[76] as the sign is deemed "unfortunate."[66][78][43] Pisces are a mutable sign, which makes them receptive, and susceptible to change.[50][79] As a bicorporeal sign, astrologists believe that events in Pisceans' lives are prominently repeated, suggesting that they may marry several times and that misfortunes never come singly. However according to astrologer Max Heindel, the Piscean's "good fortune also comes in multiple."[73]
Conforming to the traditional astrological belief of the dual nature of the Piscean, in part seeking enlightenment in the "unseen realm,"[58] they are said to be "dreamy, mystical, and artistic."[80][81] Edgar Cayce, an alleged psychic, has been cited as an example of such a Piscean.[80] It is also been said that Pisceans are the quietest among the twelve zodiacal signs, and that they are good workers.[81] In line with their association with feet, Pisceans have been described as being "never quite satisfied when sitting," preferring to be standing or walking.[81]
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