For The Record Sept 18/2019


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46:40 "Moss Covered Technology","Departure Process"
45:00 "Claire M Singer",Ceò
40:50 "Claire M Singer","A Different Place"
33:40 "Wreck and Reference","Eris Came to Me at Night"
30:10 "Wreck and Reference","In Uniform"
25:12 Frazier-McKee,"Out Of The Blue"
21:19 "Happy Good","Electric Cigarette"
20:15 Manipulant,"Every Time"
13:59 "Jigsaw Sequence","I Don't Want to Live This Way"
10:59 "Jigsaw Sequence",Never
07:19 Devo,"Shrivel-Up (Remastered Album Version)"
03:29 Devo,"Mongoloid (Remastered Album Version)"
00:29 Devo,"Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth"

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