Trendsetters Issue 23 - Grandiose Gamble


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Twelve teams remain, and that includes our own heroes of #Trending. They prepare with a hearty breakfast, and then find themselves flung into an asteroid belt. There they have to find… something. The Host doesn’t say what, and hopefully they can find out before they’re eliminated.

Music Credits:

Intro: Epic-hero-music - Mikhael Bureau

Team Time: Immorta’s Theme - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

An Alien Crowd: Chao Garden Extended Mix (Chao’s Wack-Wack Up and Down On The Ground Mix) - Jun Senoue

Darksiders: Tau-9 - Kelley Bailey

Faffing About: Mischief Maker - Kevin MacLeod

Rising Danger: Crypto - Kevin MacLeod

The Second Game: Monkey Mutts - James Newton Howard

Postfight: A Wonderful Victory - Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Victory, Unfortunately: Sad Victory - SonicPicnic

Gambling Hall: The Casino Background - 2BStudio

Investigation: Thinking Music - Kevin MacLeod

End of Session: End Credits Suite - Christopher Young

Outro: Evergreen - Two Steps From Hell

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