Best of the Book Nook: Good In Bed, by Jennifer Weiner


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In a recent podcast post I mentioned how much I enjoy interviewing authors who have just published their first books. Sometimes those writers will go on to have successful careers. The majority of them will just keep plodding along without ever making any best-seller lists. When Jennifer Weiner came to see me 19 years ago to do a live radio show before her book signing that night in Dayton she had just published her first book in what became a series that features Cannie Shapiro. The book, "Good in Bed," was a romp. Weiner has a great sense of humor and in that debut novel she devoted a lot of ink to exacting literary revenge upon a boyfriend who had once dumped her in real life. She skewered him with gusto-that afternoon we had a fun time talking about her story and how it had been inspired in large part by her own family. Weiner has gone on to become a very successful author. Her books routinely make the best-seller lists. She is one of the lucky ones. This has been her only

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