Best of the Book Nook: Salt: a World History, by Mark Kurlansky


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Mark Kurlansky made his one and only appearance on the program to discuss his fascinating study of a substance that seems ubiquitous to us in "Salt: a World History." Kurlansky has distinguished himself by publishing scholarly studies that are treasure troves of trivia. In the past the people who had access to large quantities of salt possessed enormous power. You can learn so much from reading this book and Kurlansky gives a great interview. He has published a number of books since this appearance on the program 16 years ago. He has even been named the recipient of a Dayton Literary Peace Prize a few years ago. I have tried to get him back on the show but have never had any luck in doing so. Hopefully some day we can have him back again. The Book Nook on WYSO is presented by the Greene County Public Library with additional support from Washington-Centerville Public Library , Clark County Public Library , Dayton Metro Library , Wright Memorial Public Library , and Microsun Lamps .

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