Book Nook: Desk 88 - Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America, by Sherrod Brown


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Our senior U.S. Senator from Ohio is Sherrod Brown. When he was first elected to the U.S. Senate he was brought on to the floor of the Senate chamber along with the other newly elected first-time Senators. They were there to choose their desks. The desks are numbered. In this interview he described the moment when he decided he wanted to be seated at a particular desk. Over the past century or so many of the legislators who have been seated in that assembly have carved or written their names inside their desks. When Senator Brown looked at Desk 88 he noticed the names of a number of senators who had occupied that desk previously. Senator George McGovern, the presidential candidate for the Democrats in 1972 had written his name there. He saw the name "Kennedy" and he asked the late Senator Edward Kennedy which one of his brothers had sat there, Jack? Or Bobby? Ted Kennedy said that he was seated at his brother John's old desk so Desk 88 had been where Robert F. Kennedy had been seated.

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