Book Nook: Music - a Subversive History by Ted Gioia


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The music historian and scholar Ted Gioia returned to the program to discuss his monumental new study of what he describes as the subversive history of music. This book was many years in the making, Gioia originally got the idea to write it during the early 1990's. The author takes us back to the beginning, to prehistoric caves in France, where those early cave artists executed their paintings in the portions of the caves which had the best acoustics. Why would they do that? Because they were singing and playing instruments while they were painting? Do you suppose that could be the reason they painted where the sound was optimal? He shows us how the musical rebels of the past can eventually become the mainstream and establishment artists of the future. The perception the public has of an artist like Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones has shifted over the years. In the mid 1960's Jagger was perceived as a threat to middle class values. All these years later he is Sir Mick Jagger,

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