Book Nook: The Hollows, by Jess Montgomery


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Jess Montgomery returned to the program to talk about her second novel in her Kinship series of historical fiction. "The Hollows" is set in SE Ohio during the mid 1920s and her protagonist, the first female sheriff in Ohio, is trying to solve a mysterious death that she thinks might have been a homicide. Some members of her community are insisting that the death of this elderly woman was a suicide and that there's no reason to investigate any further. Montgomery picks up where she left off in "The Widows," her previous book, and in this one Sheriff Lily Ross is still coping with the aftermath of the murder of her husband, a shocking event that took place at the beginning of that first novel. She becomes immersed in this new murder investigation. She gets so wrapped up in solving what she is convinced was a terrible crime that she cannot be bothered to spend much time dealing with more mundane matters like campaigning to get re-elected sheriff. 'The Hollows" is a mystery that has

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