Book Nook: The Long Call, by Ann Cleeves


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Since I began interviewing authors on WYSO in 1994 I have kept a list of people I would really like to have on the program. Now and then I'll get to check a name off my list but it doesn't happen that often. Some names I simply have to cross off without ever having done an interview. Obviously when authors die that forces me to remove them from my list. Then there are the writers who are simply so famous that I do not realistically have a chance of ever interviewing them. Stephen King would be a good example of an author like that. He doesn't do many interviews and at this point in his career he's so well known that my chances of ever speaking to him are virtually nil. Earlier this year I got to speak with the disgraced baseball star Pete Rose. I never dreamed I could ever get him on the program. He wrote a book and he was doing an appearance in Cincinnati. So you never really know for sure. He wasn't actually on my list. But he deserved to be. I loved talking to him! Authors who do

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