BSG #24: Pop It Back Up / The Power


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What if women all across the world were suddenly given the power of electricity? The Book Squad entertains this question and so many more as they dive into Naomi Alderman’s speculative alternate history novel “The Power.” Get ready, because we’re going to talk about race, we’re going to talk about gender, and we’re going to talk about erections. You don’t want to miss out on this. Plus, we get into a little Riverdale and Bachelor chat as we discuss what’s going on in the blog world, and coming up on our next ‘pisode: the launch of #BookSquadGames, starring friend of the pod, Todd! Be sure to rate, review, subscribe, and love us. We love you! TOC 0:27 - Susan’s fabulous hair 1:23 - What is your online conspiracy theorist user name? 7:45 - "The Power": the Goodreads summary 10:00 - The frame narrative 12:25 - "The Handmaid’s Tale" connection 13:35 - The "American War" connection 15:30 - Let’s talk about curbing 23:00 - How are we supposed to feel about this book? 30:50 - Who is the voice in Allie’s head? Is it Dick Cheney? 36:00 - Power controls history 39:30 - The MRAs on Goodreads 42:00 - What about race and power? 44:11 - What about trans women? 50:20 - Tunde and the male perspective 59:55 - Our ratings 1:08:40 - Listener feedback: more best of 2018 1:16:20 - "Little Fires Everywhere" feedback 1:19:48 - "Girls Burn Brighter" feedback 1:25:37 - What dat blog do? "Riverdale" is always back 1:27:18 - Bachelor chat 1:32:30 - Other blog things 1:35:30 - #BookSquadGames is our next othersode, February 11th! 1:36:39 - The Gunners by Rebecca Kauffman is our next book, February 25th!

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