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Each episode includes topical discussion, music recommendations, and our Dish Bish segment that covers more personal topics near the end.

Episodes are generally centered around current culture and relationships. Each topic promises to entertain, educate or inspire you (all three if you're lucky). Discussion topics range from Astrology to Trending Conspiracy Theories to Setting Healthy Boundaries to a look at the Underground World of Pickup Artists.

While this podcast overall is not super explicit, content may be more adult in nature as we talk about topics like marriage, dating, relational intimacy, parenting, and (hence the name) occasional alcohol references. We aim for around a PG-13 rating, but rules around what is considered "explicit" for a podcast are pretty vague, so we are giving this the "E" just to be on the safe side.

When life hits you like tequila - grab a lime, suck it up and try to make it a party. Here's to entertaining topics, encouraging each other, important conversations, and occasionally oversharing on the internet.

Want to suggest a topic or request to be a guest? DM us on IG @BoomTequilaPodcast.

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