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Jordan and Brian are back to a regular podcasting schedule. Brian spent the weekend at a retreat/mastermind group at Martha’s Vineyard. Meanwhile, Jordan was at the Striped Conference. After a quick update, Jordan and Brian talk about the latest episode of a great podcast, MRR, and the latest news on both of their businesses.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Why Mini-Conferences are great
  • The Stripe Conference in San Francisco
  • Brian’s new assistant from S. Africa and why he loves hiring remotely
  • The Build Your SaaS episode: “How much MRR is enough?”
  • Plateauing MRR means declining
  • The fuel to burn to get to that growth rate
  • Guidance versus a Designer
  • Jordan getting his hands dirty in the product

Resources Mentioned:

Stripe Conference

How Much MRR Is Enough?


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