Rabbit Holes Within Rabbit Holes


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It’s September, which means we’re talking about the changing of the seasons: kids are back in school, we’re gearing up for Black Friday, updating websites, and checking our numbers. Brian talks about his email marketing, hiring developers, and changing website hosts. Jordan talks about what’s new with CartHook and the future of podcasting.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Email and newsletter issues (Convert Kit, MailChimp, Priority sorting via Gmail)
  • Hosting options for a static site or marketing sites
  • Web design and developing rabbit holes
  • Calculating successes
  • Updates with the CartHook app store
  • Various hiring options for developers
  • Brian’s new developer
  • Podcasting subscriptions
  • What we’d like to see in podcasts

Resources Mentioned:

Process Kit


Convert Kit








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