Cheers - Suspicion (1986)


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Weird Russian accents and the merits of email sign-offs. Sharks and the ocean and spying on people. At weddings Joe feels weird and Rob wants to produce a TV episode about it. Rob was born literate and now he's got a complex. Enchilada pie. Miss Liz. Oh my God Rob's mom was so tired. She loved Cheers. Some people pour alcohol up their poopers. Turd tears. Woody Harrelson makes things better. Ted Dancin' is hot to Joe but not Rob because Rob only wants to bang the guys his mom wants to bang. Nobody is more special than Rob. Tobias Wolff. Sam and Diane won'ting. Rhea Perlman. Jack Kerouac. William F. Buckley. The Three Stooges. Alcohol. Flips. Here's a way you can feel less alone while you're alone. Norm looks like Rob's dad. Jenna loves poop.

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