Episode 34 - "Overlord" "The Grinch" and "The Girl in the Spider's Web"


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News 0:00:38 Remembering Stan Lee 0:14:32 Remembering Hal 0:15:07 Breaking Bad movie 0:19:05 Loki series confirmed 0:24:09 Shrek Reboot 0:26:25 Toy Story 4 teaser Shit We Watched 0:27:35 The House of the Devil 0:31:51 A Dark Song 0:33:54 Suspiria (1977) 0:38:49 Castlevania finished 0:40:59 Transcendence Reviews 0:50:44 The Girl in the Spider's Web 0:55:10 The Grinch (2018) 1:00:10 Overlord 1:06:44 SPOILERS

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