Episode 37 - "Ralph Breaks the Internet" and "The Possession of Hannah Grace"


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News 0:00:40 Gears of War movie being penned 0:04:12 Candyman by Jordan Peele is coming 0:06:00 Pinocchio live action by Paddington director 0:09:24 Daredevil Cancelled 0:14:23 Shang Chi movie coming 0:16:12 Chris Evans not done with Cap? 0:17:48 Captain Marvel trailer 2 Shit We Watched 0:25:09 Alice in Wonderland (classic) 0:30:31 The Raid Redemption (SPOILERS) 0:38:13 First Blood 0:42:37 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 0:45:02 (SPOILERS) Reviews 0:49:41 The Possession of Hannah Grace (SPOILERS) 1:08:32 Ralph Breaks the Internet 1:14:00 SPOILERS

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