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Dr. Jennifer Pieratt is the founder of CraftED, a project-based learning (PBL) curriculum. She's the author of Keep It Real with PBL. Today, she shares her story about how she got into project-based learning, the power of leveraging your book to grow your business, and why it’s important to keep it real.

What We Discuss with Dr. Jennifer Pieratt:

  • What is Project-Based Learning?
  • The impetus behind her transition from teaching kids to supporting adults
  • The writing and publishing process of her book
  • The benefits of going to a traditional publisher
  • Jenny's book marketing strategy
  • How you can get to your target audience
  • Going into her own personal writing retreat to get her book done
  • Her greatest challenge in writing her book
  • Leveraging her book in growing her business
  • The power of branding yourself and staying relevant
  • Why self-publishing is a great learning experience

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