Northern Neighbours


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As a result of President Trump's immigration crackdown, many migrants are seeking a warmer welcome in Canada. Since 2017, 33 thousand people have crossed -- outside of formal border crossings -- to make asylum claims in Canada. Now, the cost of feeding and housing those asylum seekers is pitting the city of Toronto against Canada's federal government. Also: Kenneth Jackson from the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network in Ottawa looks into the plight of first Nation children in the Canadian foster care system; we find out how climate change is spurring a debate over the the legal status of the Northwest passage; a big name in Canadian beer enters the cannabis drink business; and Canada’s minimum price for beer drops to 1 dollar, but what will this mean for microbrewers? (The Nav Centre in Cornwall, Ontario awaits the next wave of refugees. Thousands of refugees have been streaming across the Canada/US border over the past year. Credit: Geoff Robins/AFP/Getty Images)

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