Michael Botticelli on Continuing to Fight the Addiction Crisis


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michael-botticelli-on-continuing-to-fight-the-addiction-crisisAddiction is the most pressing public health crisis of our time. It is a chronic, medical condition that can impair health and function and is characterized by repeated use of a substance despite harmful consequences.
In this segment, Michael Botticelli, one of the nation's leading addiction experts, who served as the Director of National Drug Control Policy at the White House under President Obama and is currently the Director of Boston Medical Center's newly established Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine, joins the show to discuss how policy makers, clinicians, patients and families in crisis from across the country are turning to BMC because of its expertise and leadership in caring for patients with addiction.
Among the busiest, most comprehensive treatment centers for behavioral health and addiction treatment in the country, BMC has established a formal Addiction Center to help turn the tide on this national crisis.

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