Bots, Bugs, And Babes - Episode #38: The Mummy's Hand (1940) - The Tomb of a Thousand Terrors!


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"Three of the leaves will make enough fluid to keep Kharis' heart beating. Once each night, during the cycle of the full moon, you will dissolve three tana leaves and give the fluid to Kharis."

On this special Mother's Day epsiode of Bots, Bugs, and Babes, my special guest Derek M. Koch (host of Monster Kid Radio) joins me as we look at the Universal Studios classic The Mummy's Tomb. Listen as Derek and I explore all the different aspects of this film and talk about how this cycle of mummy films have come to create much of the "mummy rules" that still exist today. So gather your supplies, get your pit helmet, and and a handful of tana leaves, as we venture to the hill of the seven jackals and find out why, when practicing the rock trick, always start with a pebble.

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