Bots, Bugs, And Babes - Episode #48: Neon Maniacs (1986) - "Gook, slime...nobody knows yet. Forensics found it all around here."


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"Now let me get this straight. You're telling me that these, these things are inside the Golden Gate Bridge, one. Two, that they only come out at night. And three, that they're responsible for the death of fifteen or more kids and three of my police officers?"

On this special Thanksgiving episode of Bots, Bugs, and Babes; I am joined by my buddy and fellow podcaster Jonathan Inbody (X Meets Y Podcast) as we explore ... or survive?..... 1986's Neon Maniacs. We are pleased to join forces to bring this film to you. Not wanting to give too much away here, let's just say that you have to see this movie to believe it. Trust us. And remember, there are 12 reasons to be afraid of the dark....and everyone is killer!

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