Dive into the world of Riesling with Konstantin Baum, Master of Wine


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German Riesling is certainly amongst a wine lovers favorite wine, yet unlike Pinot Noir from Burgundy, it has not had as recent price hikes. Today, we speak with Konstantin Baum, Master of Wine about all things Riesling.

Konstantin Baum became a Master of Wine in 2015 and is the youngest German ever to pass the examination. Today Konstantin heads the innovative online trading company www.meinelese.de, which imports artisanal wines and sells them in Germany.

He is the wine ambassador for online retailer BELViNi, heads the wine program of one of the best hotels in the world - the Brenners-Park Hotel in Baden-Baden - and is the ambassador of the California Wine Institute in Europe.

In 2019, Konstantin received the WSET & IWSC Future 50 Award. It is his mission to ensure that “the world tastes better” - to shape the selection of wines in retail and gastronomy, and to improve people's ability to taste and appreciate wine.

Discover Konstantin’s top picks: https://meinelese.de

Watch his YouTube’s: Konstantin Baum - Master of Wine

Connect with Konstantin on Instagram: konstantinbaum_mw

Find out more: https://www.mastersofwine.org/konstantin-baum-mw

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