Dragons and Gin with Daniel Brooker, Owner & Maker of Dragon's Blood Gin


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Dragons are real and they come from Inner Mongolia.

Today we speak with Daniel Brooker, Owner and Maker of Dragon's Blood, a gin produced in Chifeng in Inner Mongolia.
With two distinct creations just released on the market, he’s taking his approach as a Chef and blending it into the world as a master distiller.
In this episode we discuss the name behind Dragon's Blood, how it all got started and his unique approach to distilling. He sources Dragon's Blood unique set of ingredients: wild juniper, Mongolian mountain pepper, and organic Yunnan golden roses, many of these, sourced straight from his farm. Daniel has a small on-site orchard, and he grows most of the ingredients that go into his still, making his creation one of the most handcrafted gins in the market.

Get in touch with Daniel on wechat @Danielbrooker

Twitter: @DragonsBloodGin
Instagram: @dragonsbloodgin

Feel free to send him an email at dragonblood@qq.com

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