BR015 – Off season fitness tips to keep you thin and ready for next year – with Davie “Crockett” Ferraro


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ihuntstrongNow is not the time to get lazy and become a couch potato just because it’s off season. This is the best time to prep for your the next season. You might be thinking, “Can’t we just wait until we’re 30 days out and pack in some quick strength training to get prepared?” Well no.. and we have just the guy to explain why. We brought on Davie “Crockett” Ferraro who runs Hunt Strong for this episode just for that reason. We talk with Davie about what to do now, during the off season so that you are always ready for the next hunt and boy he shreds some great advice… We hope you’ll really enjoy this episode. We sure did. : )

We go over many different areas within this episode. In fact it might be a good time to state that this is a two part series. This episode is all about off season.. well you read the title. Our follow up episode is going to be just as good when we bring back Anthony Dixon to discuss what to do while on the hunt.

Let’s get to it. Below are things Davie shares while on our show. It’s all good stuff so enjoy.

Any good habit takes upwards to 21 to 30 days become a good habit.

The key is to try to lean down as much as possible and staying as strong as possible.

If you are going to do a high elevation hunt, there are some great tools out there to help train such as a high elevation training mask, weighted vest or loaded backpack, put your hands behind your back so you are not temped to use your hands and walk up and down the stars in the tallest building that you can find or have assess to.

Cool quote. “Why is it that the people who say they don’t have time to exercise always makes time to go out to eat.”

Staying fit during the off season really is the preparation or survival for the fittest during hunting season. Try visualizing the animal that you’re doing to hunt. The animal is already acclimated to the environment, you however need to train to be ready for it.

A lot of the training Davie does are functional workouts. He also suggests mixing up the workouts – don’t do the same workout over and over again otherwise your body will adapt to it.

The two biggest failures Davie sees when preparing yourself during the off season:

  1. The first thing is the inability to shot or perform under pressure and exhaustion.
    • A way to help is to factor in your shooting of the bow during your workouts.
    • Do your lunges, do your squats, grab your bow and shot.
    • Shoot from different angles.
    • Shoot from sitting down.
    • Shoot from your knees.
    • Shoot on one foot.
    • Shoot on an uneven fitness balance ball.
    • Practice like you have only one arrow to shoot and you have to make this shot. Visualize what you are hunting.
  2. The second is the lack of nutrition and lack of understand of what to eat.
    • This is very important during the off season as well as important while on the hunt.
    • The proper nutrition will help aid the muscles that will get you there to the end and afterwards.

IMG_7257We go over how important water is and the amount of water intake is needed for the best energy output. Without water you’ll be dehydrated, you won’t be thinking clearly, you’ll have a higher possibility to strain a muscle. Water is very important. A good round number is at least a gallon of water a day. Water is key.

Davie is adamant about one ingredient foods. Think of it as in a chicken breast is a chicken breast, sweet potato is a sweet potato and so on and so on which are all natural one ingredient foods. Another important nutrition is protein that you can carry at room temperature such as venison (not store bought but home made), nuts like raw almonds, raw pumpkin seed. Things that are light that has some bite to it.

Davie talks about what are complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, jasmine rise, brown rise, pastas, things like oatmeal and how important it is as a fuel base. Recap on things to carry are complex carbs, protein and good fats.

Davie says that the Hunt in Hunt Strong stands for The BowRush Podcast #015 – Off season fitness tips to keep you thin and ready for next year – with Davie “Crockett” Ferraro.

Find out your max heart rate so you can know what level you can train at: Take the number 220 minus your age to get your max heart rate. Take that number and times it by 0.7 to 0.85. That’ll give you what heart rate you should be training at for 45 minutes to an hour.

This was a really great talk with Davie. Take toned for our next episode with Anthony Dixon.
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