BR017 – Our 1st Bowhunter 30 Day Fitness Challenge w/$1000 cash prize to the winner!


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social_video_linkHow’s it going BowRush listeners? We have some very very exciting news to share! Well, you might have already been aware of the news either by the title on this episode and or if you follow us on our social networks. It’s true, we, at the BowRush Podcast, are putting on a 30 day fitness challenge for our listeners with the chance to win $1000 dollars.

If you feel like you want to lose some weight and or build more lean muscle then check out our challenge page at and watch our video. Afterwards, make sure to fill out the form that’s just below the video so that we can contact you and give you all the details about our challenge. This will also allow us to pre-qualify you in order to make sure that we have participants that are determined, wait, better yet, who are committed to seeing this through.

We feel that being physically fit will just makes you an overall better bowhunter so why not do a fitness challenge tailored towards bowhunters? You might be thinking that you don’t have time or the money to get in shape so we’re here to say you do. Sometimes it takes a powerful motivator to get off your butt and work towards getting back in shape. Hunting season is just around the corner and if you had a chance to win $1000 dollars by participating in a fitness challenge, lose some weight and actually win, would that not be just the perfect motivator? I’d think so. Well, here’s your chance.

Make sure to share our challenge with your bow hunters friends, because we want this challenge to be successful. Being that it’s our first one, we could use your help spreading the word.

One last thing, thank you so much for taking the time to listener to our show. This podcast episode may have been cut short, but that is only because we want to make sure you keep our bowhunter fitness challenge fresh in your mind. We encourage you to take action today either by letting us know you want to join and or by letting your buddies know that they should.

Thanks again.

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