Bulldog Drummond - Death Under The Big Top (07-07-48)


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Death Under The Big Top (Aired July 7, 1948)
The Bulldog Drummond stories followed Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond, D.S.O., M.C., a wealthy former WWI officer of the fictional Loamshire Regiment, who, after the war, spends his new-found leisure time as a private detective. Drummond is a proto-James Bond figure and a version of the imperial adventurers depicted by the likes of John Buchan. In terms of the detective genre, the first Bulldog Drummond novel was published after the Sherlock Holmes stories, the Nayland Smith/Fu Manchu novels and Richard Hannay's first three adventures including The Thirty-Nine Steps. The character first appeared in the novel Bulldog Drummond (1920), and this was followed by a lengthy series of books and adaptations for films, radio and television. "Drummond... has the appearance of an English gentleman: a man who fights hard, plays hard and lives clean. THIS EPISODE: July 7, 1948. Mutual network origination, Ziv syndication. "Death Under The Big Top". Commercials added locally. Captain Drummond and Denny visit the circus, only to become involved with "The Flying Morris'," a triangle on the flying trapeze. Ned Wever, Jackson Beck (announcer), Himan Brown (producer, director). 26:44. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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