Crime Classics - The Peaceful Passing Of Thomas Edwin Bartlett (06-22-53)


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The Peaceful Passing Of Thomas Edwin Bartlett (Aired June 22, 1953)
Though ostensibly "adapted from the original court reports and newspaper accounts," it's quite clear that they were scripted more for entertainment, than for a college classroom--but entertaining they definitely were, and remain. This was a very busy time for Elliott Lewis. Lewis had launched his Cathy & Elliott Lewis On Stage program in January of 1953. Halfway through its run, Crime Classics and Cathy and Elliott Lewis On Stage were heard back-to-back in CBS's lineup for much of Crime Classics' run, in most markets. Indeed, for the Crime Classics program, The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, which aired December 9, 1953 outside of California, Lewis chose to re-enact the play, 'Our American Cousin' for the Cathy and Elliott Lewis On Stage program, immediately following. Though clearly a brilliant segue for On Stage that night, it's anecdotally reported that the combination met with disfavor from no less than William S. Paley himself. Show Notes From The Digital Deli.
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