Mr. IA Moto - A Force Called X07 (05-20-51)


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A Force Called X07 (Aired May 20, 1951)
Mr. Moto is small in stature but strong and an expert in judo. He was the title character of a series of books, beginning with No Hero (1935; British title: Mr Moto Takes a Hand, reprint title: Your Turn, Mr. Moto), and of eight films between 1937 and 1939, in which he was portrayed by Peter Lorre. With the beginning of World War II, Mr. Moto fell out of favor with Americans, and no new books or movies about him appeared between 1942 and 1957. A dedicated and cold-blooded spy for Imperial Japan, Moto is not a conventional hero. He does not look for opportunities to commit violence but has no problem with killing people who obstruct his plans, and he would not hesitate to take his own life if necessary. But he is a master of concealing his true nature while under cover, and usually appears dull, naive, utterly harmless. He does not try to correct the bigoted attitudes of Westerners toward him and other Asians, and is not above encouraging such condescension. It often works to his advantage, leading Westerners to ignore or underestimate him. THIS EPISODE: May 20, 1951. NBC network. "A Force Called X07". Sustaining. Mr. Moto foils a communist plot to destroy part of New York with a portable atomic weapon. The music bridges have been deleted. The program may be dated March 26, 1951. James Monks, Peter Capell, John P. Marquand (creator), Harry W. Junkin (writer, director), John Larkin, Gavin Gordon, Scott Tennyson, Fred Collins (announcer). 26:02. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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