Calling All Cars - The Corpse In The Red Necktie (11-19-36)


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The Corpse In The Red Necktie (Aired November 19, 1936)
As shows of this nature do it dealt with tracking killers and robbers with a recap of the justice which was enforced. The writer and director was William N. Robson. Calling All Cars episodes were dramatized true crime stories that were not only introduced by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department but were true life crime stories of the LAPD. If you are thinking early version of Dragnet, yes, but not quite as polished. Dragnet was believed to have been inspired by Calling All Cars. THIS EPISODE: November 19, 1936. Program #156. CBS Pacific network (Don Lee network). "The Corpse In The Red Necktie". Sponsored by: Rio Grande Oil. The third anniversary program. A man's body is found in a canyon, naked but for a necktie! Charles Frederick Lindsley (narrator), Jesse Rosenquist (dispatcher), James E. Davis (host, Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department), A. C. Jewell (under-Sheriff of Los Angeles county). 28:53. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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