Calling All Cars - The Human Bomb (12-20-33)


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The Human Bomb (Aired December 20, 1933)
Calling All Cars was one of the earliest police shows on the air. It ran from November 29, 1933 through September 8, 1939. It’s sponsor was the Rio Grande Oil Company, which is why the show only ran in areas where Rio Grande "cracked" gasoline was sold. The sponsor promoted its "close ties" with police departments in Arizona and Southern California, urging listeners to buy its product for "police car performance". As shows of this nature do, it dealt with tracking killers and robbers, and with a recap of the justice which was enforced. The writer and director was William N. Robson. Calling All Cars episodes were dramatized true crime stories that were not only introduced by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department but were true life crime stories of the LAPD. THIS EPISODE: December 20, 1933. Program #4. CBS Pacific network (Don Lee network) origination, syndicated. "The Human Bomb". Music fill for local commercial insert. A man in the police chief's office is threatening to blow up the Central Police Station. The system cue has been deleted. Gale Gordon (dispatcher, host, narrator). 28:49.
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