Casey Crime Photographer - Photo Of The Dead (07-24-47)


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Photo Of The Dead (Aired July 24, 1947)
The most distinguishing element of the short-lived Television Casey was its direction, with the famed future Film Director Sidney Lumet helming the series. CBS and Coxe took another run at Crime Photographer over Radio in 1954, reprising Staats Cotsworth, John Gibson and Jan Miner in their previous Radio roles. The 1954 run extended to the Spring of 1955, at which point the Crime Photographer franchise had pretty much run its course. The sleuthing photographer format didn't end with the CBS/Coxe franchise. ABC took a run at the concept with their Man With A Camera (1958), starring Charles Bronson, and running for two seasons, though it bore no resemblance whatsoever to the Casey, Crime Photographer franchise. THIS EPISODE: July 24, 1947. CBS network. "Photo Of The Dead". Sponsored by: Anchor Hocking Glass. A phoney swami, guarded by a Senegalese boxer, claims to be able to contact the dead. He supplies the photos that prove it! Alonzo Deen Cole (writer), Archie Bleyer (music), Arnold Moss, Herman Chittison (piano), Jan Miner, John Dietz (director), John Gibson, Staats Cotsworth, Tony Marvin (announcer), George Harmon Coxe (creator). 30:54. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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