Crime Classics - John Hayes (10-28-53)


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John Hayes (Aired October 28, 1953)
he entire run of Crime Classics is supported by some of the most famous Radio voice talents of The Golden Age of Radio. And as might be expected of a CBS Network-sustained production, the technical staff was top notch. From Elliott Lewis' direction to Morton Fine, David Friedkin, and Elliott Lewis' scripts, to the outstanding music compostions of legendary Bernard Herrmann, Crime Classics was an A-List production all the way. Wilbur Hatch conducted the supporting orchestra and Lou Merrill's very matter of fact, yet soft-spoken narration adds the perfect ironic, tongue-in-cheek touch these gruesome crimes required for portrayal in a prime-time timeslot. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: October 28, 1953. CBS network. "John Hayes...His Head...and How They Were Parted". Sustaining. Mr. Hayes returns from war to his lonely wife to find her afrolic with two comely boarders. His head is shortly thereafter found by the side of the Thames...and then encapsulated in a glass jar. Lou Merrill (host), Morton Fine (writer), David Friedkin (writer), Bernard Herrmann (composer, conductor), Elliott Lewis (producer, director), Betty Harford, Jeanette Nolan, Richard Peel, William Johnstone, Bob Lemond (announcer), Alastair Duncan, Ben Wright, Charles Davis. 29:28. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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